Lesser Known Gems

Good bird books that have missed their due recognition.

No matter how good they may be, some bird books seem to get lost in the shuffle of the multitude of other books vying for attention.  Too often, a bird book of average quality receives more hype through the marketing machine than is possible for some other really good book.  A variety of reasons may cause a bird book to receive less than its deserved attention, (e.g., low number of printed copies, obscure title or geographic region, language barriers, old age, fate)

Below is a growing compilation of bird books I consider to be hidden gems that seem to have fallen outside the circle of better known books.  These books may not always be astounding (but, some are!) or be the "must have" title.  However!  They do represent some admirable features (e.g.,  commendable photography or illustrations, unique selection of species, solid identification guide for a unique or less familiar area, an impressive amassing of birding information, or  something I personally consider to be neat).

Of course, the selection of books listed below were picked through a rather subjective means.  These are highly influenced by my personal quirks and opinions.  I think these hidden gems will appeal to many other birders.  Ultimately, my intention is to share what I've found and to uncover those hidden, lesser known gems of the birding world. 

Click on the book's cover to read the post.  It will show sample pages and provide a brief synopsis of what can be found inside.

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